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Scratch Art works with school paints

Scratch Paintings lesson with school paints:  Kids love this art lesson.   It's kind of like magic reveal art for children that is suitable all ages to have a go at it.  It is simple colourful and fun. This is a very effective and easy activity. LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary. You will need: Black Tempera Poster Paint or Indian Ink works well. White drawing paper. Oil pastel crayons or wax crayons Brushes Toothpicks or Popsicle sticks Coloured construction paper Let’s get started: Step 1: Use the crayons or pastels to create shapes and patterns on the paper, making sure to press hard to fill the entire sheet of paper with bright colours.   Step 2.  Paint heavily over the whole paper using black tempera paint or Indian Ink.   Allow to dry.   Or a paint free option that is quicker but not as effective is to cover the colours with a thick black layer of wax crayon. Step 3.  Plan out a picture or design and using the Popsicle stick or toothpicks, scrat