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Paint Resist Skyline with School Paints

Paint Resist Skyline with School Paints 
by Sarah Bastida
from the book "Ideas for Art - Paint"
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A skyline is very effective as a silhouette. The children could draw a skyline from the neighbourhood or make one up. As a class project prepare a piece of paper for each student that has lines on each edge where they should start their skyline. Then when all the pictures are finished they can be joined up to make a continuous picture - very effective.

You will need:
Acrylic Paint (black) or indian ink
Watery paint (tempera or arcylic watered down) or a dye.

If it is watered down enough, paint can be used in the place of dyes when a transparent effect is needed. The watery paint can be used over any picture made with a waterproof medium, such as acrylic paints, inks or even crayons. The effect is also different from that given by dyes, it has more texture to it. Paint a picture with acrylic paint or waterproof ink. This will dry waterproof. Brush the very watery paint o…