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Kandinsky Circles Class Art Project:

Kandinsky Circles Class Art Project: With School paints.    - each child paints their own sqaure. A brilliant school paint project for the whole class to do together.   Make a huge colourful master painting that will dominate the room for the rest of the year.  Our huge 6ft square canvas - each child painted thier own sqaure You will need: :Acrylic paints (if you use a canvas) :Tempera paints (if you use newsprint or cartridge paper) :Plenty of paint brushes :Big ruler or measuring tape. :Huge Canvas / roll of cartridge paper or join sheets of paper with packing tape. Before we begin.    There are a few ways to do this project. : On a huge canvas (like we did - see picture above). You will need acrylics paints if you do paint on a canvas. : Paper – you will need to create a huge square by taping paper together.  Tempera poster paints are ideal for this. Let's get started: 1. Using a ruler and a little maths. Divide the surface into even

Pulled String Pictures with School Paints

Pulled String Pictures with School Paints This is great fun. Kids can make unique works of art by dipping string into paint. Download the PDF Lesson Plan You will need • String • Paint and paper • P aper plates for paint •  A  covered surface This is a very effective and easy activity.  1. Lay out a piece of paper and fold it in half, then open it back up laying it open. 2.  Arrange the string on one side of the paper.  Then i mmersed the string in one of the paint colours. 3.  With one hand on top of the paper pressing the paper together, pull the string out with the other hand.  4.  Repeat with another colour and a clean piece of string. Tips:  : Too many colours  of paint seem to look messy. Try two or three bright colours. : Even an acrylic works well Share and enjoy. Tony Parker