Kandinsky Circles Class Art Project:

Kandinsky Circles Class Art Project:
With School paints.   - each child paints their own sqaure.

A brilliant school paint project for the whole class to do together.  

Make a huge colourful master painting that will dominate the room for the rest of the year. 

Kandinsky Circles Class Art Project with school paints
Our huge 6ft square canvas - each child painted thier own sqaure

You will need:
:Acrylic paints (if you use a canvas)
:Tempera paints (if you use newsprint or cartridge paper)
:Plenty of paint brushes
:Big ruler or measuring tape.
:Huge Canvas / roll of cartridge paper or join sheets of paper with packing tape.

Before we begin.  
There are a few ways to do this project.
: On a huge canvas (like we did - see picture above). You will need acrylics paints if you do paint on a canvas.
: Paper – you will need to create a huge square by taping paper together.  Tempera poster paints are ideal for this.

Let's get started:
1. Using a ruler and a little maths. Divide the surface into even squares enough so every child has a square each or maybe two squares each.

2 . Appoint a square to each child.

3. Using a range of bright colours. Have each child paint their square a solid bright colour. Allow to dry.

4. Once the backgrounds are dry; get the children to paint a small oval circle inside their square using a different brush for each colour paint. For best results try not to make perfect circles.

5. Continue making rings around the oval using a different colour. Keep doing this until you reach or get close to the edge of the square.  Trying not to let everyone use the same colour combinations.
Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky
Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky
Using bright alternating colours.

Bigger the full painting surface the better the full final impact.

Try not to make perfectly round circles in each square to keep it interesting.

Share and enjoy,
Tony Parker
FAS Paints


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