Free Mixing Paint colours guide with school paints

Mixing paint colours free PDF guide.

Mixing paint colours free PDF guide.

Mixing paint colours free PDF guide.

Everyone has a favourite colour.  With your imagination, and use of the basic colour theory, colour can be lots of fun.

Learning how two colours make a third new colour is one of the most exciting discoverable things about being creative with paints.

We have made is easy for you with this free colour mixing PDF guide.
It is so easy to use. Just print it add and mix the colours.


  • Print the PDF in colour.
  • Place a small amount of paint in the colour of each “+” squares and in the “=” squares place the two colours.
  • Have plenty of clean brushes ready.
  • Brush out each “+” square with a clean brush.
  • Mix the square with the two colours to show the colours the two colours together made.

This works well as a group project.  One colour guide per table. 
Use small amounts of paint per square work best.
If you laminate the sheets that can be used over and over again.

Download Here >>

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