School Lesson Painting with Dyes and a marker.

Painting with Dyes and a marker.

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This is quick, colourful and fun. You can paint simple pictures quickly and you end up with a very bright watercolour effect.  The black marker adds a interesting but detailed effect to the painting.

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LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary.

You will need:
: A school water base painting dye - or a food dye
: Paper (not too thin) 
: Black Marker Pen
: Pencil
: Brushes. (Soft hair watercolour brushes are better): Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers or paper towels

Let’s get started:
First make sure you have protection on the painting surfaces.  Wear old clothing, smocks or aprons.

Start with a very simple basic outline pencil sketch.  

Make sure the outlines are dark enough for the children to paint around.
Pour the dyes into trays and paint pots.  

Start to paint in your picture using one brush per colour.  Try not to overload your brush.  The lighter you paint the better the watercolour effect and it will dry much faster.

Once dry use a black marker to outline the details. It is important not to use the market before you paint as some markers will react with the dye and spoil the picture.

: You can mix colours but things can quickly get messy with dirty colours and dirty brushes.
:Thin paper can get over wet and fall apart.

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