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Dish Brush Tree Painting with Free Tree PDF Template

This artwork looks so complicated and detailed but it’s not. It’s so easy to create the detailed leaves with a simple plastic dish brush and to help with the tree; we have a free Tree Outline Template with our printable PDF of this lesson plan.
You will Need:
To print off the Free Tree Template
Paint: Thick quality paint.  SuperTempera or Student Acrylic are both ideal for this.
Old Plastic Dish Brush
Spare sheets of paper for testing.
Shallow paint trays or old plastic container lids.
Paint brushes
Black marker for details.

Let’s Get Started:
Print off the Template of the tree trunk.

Pour a little paint on to your paint tray or plastic container lids.  You will only need a little amount.  If you are painting autumn colours use yellow, orange and deep yellow.  Otherwise use green and leaf green for the tree leaves.
Use a pressing stamping action with the brush to get the leaves effect on the branches of the tree.  Try testing on a spare sheet of paper until you are happy  with the consist…