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How to do School Glitter Painting – Using Messy Glitter for art in the classroom.

School Painting – Glitter Paint Using Messy Glitter for art in the classroom. Working with Glitter is Messy. Glitter is Messy, it just is. Any art teacher will tell you that using glitter in the classroom for art projects is a messy nightmare. Glitter gets everywhere! Once it is on your hands, it’s on your face, it’s in your hair, then door handles, benchtops, chairs and floors.  And don’t get me started on clothing. Glitter just is messy to use at home and the classroom So why do we put up with all this mess?   It’s all about the bling, the sparkle. Is there a way to use glitter without so much mess? The simple answer is yes.  It has been around for a long time too.   Glitter Paint . The glitter particles are held together within a paint and this stops the messy transfer of glitter that is normally left loose to fly around the room.   Is Glitter applied with a Paste or Glue less messy? You brush out your paste on the paper then sprinkle glitter onto the wet glue.

Children’s liquid Watercolour School Paint – Is it a dye or a paint?

Children’s liquid Watercolour School Paints – Is it a dye or a paint? If you look around websites at school paints these days you see Tempera, Poster Paint, Gouache and now in the last 7 years or more there are these watercolours. Brands like Discount School Supplies “Liquid Watercolor” and  Sargent Art “Watercolor Magic” are popping up. What are they?  Are they new? Is it a Watercolour Paint or a School Dye? A watercolour or a dye? Sargent Art “Watercolor Magic” Dyes: Using waterbased dye in the classroom as an educational painting experience  has been around for over 40 years in a lot of countries like Australia, England, New Zealand & Singapore.  But it would seem that it is a relatively new thing in USA. This may be why it is considered it as a magic watercolour. Is it a Paint or a Dye? Both these brands of watercolour paints are technically dyes and not paints. Liquid Watercolor and Watercolor Magic are vegetable based dyes but t