How to Paint 3D Spring Flowers Tutorial Childrens Sponge Painting

Easy Simple Painting for Kids:

How to Paint 3D Spring Flowers Tutorial Childrens Sponge Painting.

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You Will Need:
FAS Super Tempera Paint
Sponges cut in shapes
Sponge Roller
Cotton Buds
Glue – PVA
Paper Plate

Let’s Get Started.

Use the Sponge Roller for the background. We used Leaf Green and Blue. Allow to dry

On a paper plate pour a little Yellow and Orange paint. You will not need much.

Now on a new sheet of paper. 

Using your leaf shaped sponge press into the paint allowing half to be orange and the other to be yellow.  Test the consistency first.

Work your way around in the circle making sure you keep the same colours to the middle of the circle.  

Use the Cotton Bud to paint a green stork for the follow. 
Allow to dry

Cut out the flowers and storks.

Glue then on to your background with PVA glue.  Allow the flowers to be over the edge for a 3D effect.



  1. Once the blooms were finished, I roughly arranged them on the cardboard backing to get a feel for the overall design. Then I used hot glue to adhere them (again, for staying power), working clockwise.

  2. For this example we are going to go through the process of painting the interior of a typical home. In just about every paint job I did I insisted that customers used an oil based paint on woodwork and doors.


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