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Printing with painted toys and wheels

Use Toy Cars to make Print Patterns with FAS Super Tempera Paint. Printing with toys and wheels. This is so much fun, it really gets kids thinking outside the square and using their imagination. In fact, sometimes it’s more fun looking for, and collecting objects to paint with than the paint imprint stamping itself.  Paint imprint stamping is using any object and paint to make interesting imprints. Old toys are brilliant for this.  Tyre tracks from old toy trucks and cars and feet of dolls.  But you can also use sponges, corks and other interesting found objects to make a paint imprint stamping masterpiece.   So much fun and every time you try it you get something totally different. You might need to wash some of the objects before you use them. Keep a jar of water and a paper towel handy for the brushes. Painting with Printed Toys and Wheels FAS Super Tempera Paint: