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Monoprinting with Kids Super Tempera Paint

Monoprinting: School Holidays are coming. Here is a great and simple colour project for the kids.

See how you MonoPrint with School Super Tempera Paint

This is quick, colourful and easy.  It is block printing at its simplest form using a Tempera Poster Paint with fingers and kids do love pushing paint around with their fingers.
So simple yet so much colouful fun. : Sketch Paper: Tempera Paint in simple bold colours: Paint pots or dishes.: Printing plate: (old plastic placemat, styrofoam board, any flat non-porous surface). We used a small sheet of plexiglas.  You can use a wipe-able bench top. : Roller or a wide paint brush.: Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers or paper towels.

Lets Get Started: Spread Tempera Paint evenly over your printing plate with a wide brush or use a roller.  Making sure that it is slightly smaller than your paper.  It is not important to make it straight edged in fact it adds to the final effect. Using fingers draw designs on the painted area.  The more simple and…