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Cardboard Prints with FAS Student Acrylic

Cardboard Prints By  Sarah Bastida You will need Cardboard Scissors and glue Roller and paint FAS Student Acrylic FAS Studio Ink Cardboard shapes can be used to make a print base. Shapes are cut out of cardboard and then glued onto another piece of card to make a picture or design. The cardboard print base in this design has been built up with layers of cardboard. When the glue has dried FAS Student Acrylic or FAS Studio Ink Ink is rolled onto the cardboard print base and then paper is pressed onto that to pick up the print. Alternatively paper is placed on the clean print base. The roller is emptied of almost all paint by rolling on scrap paper then it is rolled firmly on to the paper to make the print. The print base will show through just like in a crayon rubbing. By  Sarah Bastida 

Make your own Paint by Numbers, Art Lesson for the Classroom

Simple paint by numbers for kids. Simple paint by numbers for classroom This is a fun way to do something completely different with paint in the classroom. Be open to using new colour combinations in this fun exercise.   Sometimes it is fun to team up with another person, one person does the outline and the other does the painting. Make a Colour Key Make A Colour Key: Paint your colour key on a separate piece of paper numbering each colour as you go.  Be open to the colour combinations.  Anything goes.  Draw your outlines to paint by numbers Draw Your Outline: Use a permanent black marker to draw an outline freehand with overlapping loops and lines. Try to keep your outline design simple with some large spaces and smaller spaces. It is easy to overcomplicate this by making too many areas to fill in later with paint. Lightly with a pencil, number each enclosed section on your outline using the numbers you have on your colour key.   Some sections can be left

How to Paint A Tote Canvas Shopping Bag with kids in the classroom

Paint A Tote Canvas Bag Set   How to paint simple design with FAStex Textile Ink. Single-use plastic bags are now banned in New Zealand and Australian supermarkets. A great creative classroom art painting idea is to paint your own personalised designs onto tote canvas bags. Express yourself.    How to Fabric Paint a Tote Bag: FAS have made this easy with the Paint a Bag Set: This is a set of 10 x Large Heavy-Duty Cotton Bags that are ideal for painting.  Similar thickness to a paint of jeans. More info >> Here a video on how to paint simple idea onto a tote bag and a few ideas from what children have been creating.