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Make your own Paint by Numbers, Art Lesson for the Classroom

Simple paint by numbers for kids. Simple paint by numbers for classroom This is a fun way to do something completely different with paint in the classroom. Be open to using new colour combinations in this fun exercise.   Sometimes it is fun to team up with another person, one person does the outline and the other does the painting. Make a Colour Key Make A Colour Key: Paint your colour key on a separate piece of paper numbering each colour as you go.  Be open to the colour combinations.  Anything goes.  Draw your outlines to paint by numbers Draw Your Outline: Use a permanent black marker to draw an outline freehand with overlapping loops and lines. Try to keep your outline design simple with some large spaces and smaller spaces. It is easy to overcomplicate this by making too many areas to fill in later with paint. Lightly with a pencil, number each enclosed section on your outline using the numbers you have on your colour key.   Some sections can be left