Cardboard Prints with FAS Student Acrylic

Cardboard Prints

By Sarah Bastida

You will need

FAS Student Acrylic

Cardboard shapes can be used to make a print base. Shapes are cut out of cardboard and then glued onto another piece of card to make a picture or design. The cardboard print base in this design has been built up with layers of cardboard.

When the glue has dried FAS Student Acrylic or FAS Studio Ink Ink is rolled onto the cardboard print base and then paper is pressed onto that to pick up the print.

Cardboard Prints with Student Acrylic

Alternatively paper is placed on the clean print base. The roller is emptied of almost all paint by rolling on scrap paper then it is rolled firmly on to the paper to make the print. The print base will show through just like in a crayon rubbing.

Cardboard Prints with Student Acrylic

By Sarah Bastida


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