FAS Painting Dye: Water Colour Painting Technique with school dye

Here is a simple project for using FAS Painting Dye: Just like using school art watercolours. 1. Paint a sheet of paper with one solid colour (or try a blend of two colours). 2. Allow to dry. 3. Drip water with an eye dropper to create your design. 4. Use a paper towel to clean up. Tips: You can also paint designs by dipping a brush in cleans water. Lots of quick and easy colourful fun. FAS Painting Dye can be used to paint with and be applied like water colour paint. Just add water to make up super bright colours as you need them in only in seconds. Colours are super bright and very economical. There are countless ways to use this dye and this video is just one of them. FAS Paints www.FASpaints.com Painting Dye: https://www.faspaints.com/painting-dye.html


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