School Painting Ideas

School Art Painting Ideas:
This blog is designed to offer plenty of colourful creative ideas for artists’, teachers, children and schools.  If you can't find what you are looking for try a quick search.

Finger Paint Printing

Painting with Marble
Free PDF Paint Mixing Guide

Butterfly Painting

> Colours & the colour wheel explained
> Basic Primary Colour Combinations - download worksheet
> Make your own Colour Wheel:
How to paint a blended sky with acrylics
> FREE DOWNLOAD - Make you own secondary colour chart.

Artist Brush Selection Guide
Taking care of brushes

> Face Paint and Face Paint Safety
> What is Tempera Poster Paint?
> What is an Acrylic Paint?
> Gesso Primer and Sealer
> Skin Tone Paints

Level: Pre-School and Early Primary School:

> Making Play Dough for your pre school class
> Make Finger Drawings
> Crayon and Chalk Resist
> Make your own Colour Wheel:
> Magic Painting Wax Resist
> Scratch Art - crayon etching lesson plan
> Blot Painting – mirror art
> Marble Painting
> Sponge Painting

> Basic Primary Colour Combinations - download worksheet
> Make your own Colour Wheel:
> Finger Painting
> String Painting
> Roller Painting
> Bubble Painting with school paints
> Handprint fabric prints
> Rock Painting in the Classroom
> Leaf Paint Prints
Printed Paper
> Splatter Painting with stencils for kids
> Paint Imprint Stamping lesson
> Wax crayon and dye batik design
> Vegetable prints
> More Leaf Printing:
> Scarper Art - Book Covers
> School Powder Paint - Sprinkles in the Rain:
How to Paint with a Sponge Roller in a New Creative way
Crayon and Chalk Resist:

Painting with Indian Ink
Painting with Indian Ink

> Screen Printing lesson


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